Thursday, June 23, 2005

frankly, not good enough

they shouldn't be in zimbabwe at all.

nzl cricket should be placing itself in the same position as nzl rugby vs. SA. just stay away from tyrannical regimes.

welcome to howard's australia

a vietnam vet, 60, is asked to leave australia by a junior immigration official who can't see that he has any reason to stay.

apparently two tours of duty fighting for australia don't count.

these people have waaay too much power.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Meme time.

Wow. tagged for a meme. my first! thanks to jarrod for actually reading this blog (on occasion).

to be honest, this fucker is about to be retired, but hey...

Apparently this is the source.

If i could be a dictator, i'd be the boss-guy from the film Brazil, that guy could talk a mile a minute.

If i could be a professor, i'd profess to not actually knowing what the hell i'm talking about half the time, and making shit up the other half.

If i could be a writer, i wouldn't have to pretend to be one and actually be a mediocre blogger.

If i could be a linguist, i'd learn to be twice as cunning.

If i could be a doctor, fuck me! I am! (almost...).

If i could be a midget stripper, i'd use a good thinner to make sure they we're burnt by the chemicals.

So, i think i'll tag ms. pooka, and No Reduction, for similar reasons to Jarrod.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

how nice of them,

this is, by the way, the same government who refused to give debt relief to indonesia after the tsunami.

but, lets all applaud howard for copying his rich and powerful friends in moving on debt relief.

Monday, June 13, 2005

anti-nuke stations

nuke stations are a stupid, stupid idea.

here's a little article indicating that they might in fact produce as much if not more greenhouse stuff as a gas station.

mind you, it's written by a greeny, so grain of salt. but still.

and, i'm still trying to find the article that indicated that there isn't enough uranium in the entire world to provide enough power into the 22nd century.

so consume less, you fuckers.

yup, good news.

if this report by the SMH holds water, backbenchers in the Coalition might be forcing Howard to loosen the reins a little on the australian immigration policy.

the hard-line attitude has repercussions, and those repercussions are the inhumane treatment of a great many people. real people, not just statistics. likewise, the TPVs have been used to deport people who may have lived in australia their entire life, such a east timorese.

and in the last case, these people are often deported in the middle of their high-school education etc. but hey, it isn't like they can't get it in ET, right? wrong.

way to help out your neighbours there howard. free em, them bleed their oilfields dry and refuse to education what may be the next wave of leaders...

Friday, June 10, 2005

what assholes....

peter qasim is a bloke who's been in detention for years because of the Liberals hard-line on granting refugee status.

i'd be curious to knwo what kind of cost to australian taxpayer this has been, i mean, how dangerous could ONE guy who MIGHT be from pakistan or india be?

i know that this is a post-911 world and all, but for christs sake, seven years?

and now the guy is being sent to a psychiatric hospital, allegedly for having depression.

if people like peters get their way on immigration, we'll have our own stories of senseless inhumanity to tell.