Saturday, July 31, 2004

the meaningless hubbub

having spent the last few months paying closer attention to the goings-on in journalism, so i can try and land a few punches in the op-ed columns with pieces re-crafted from publicaddress (and therefore be renumerated). i've noticed that a lot of journalism is indeed hype.
now, i used to think that this was merely something people said to try and shout down bored journalists, but no, it really is all hype.
so speaking of which, i've got to get this damn chapter finished for the thesis. if i get 17/18 done i can move on to my journal article for arena. if that runs, i'll be able to draw sections out and try and get them into the Age.

just like first year uni. try and do similar subjects so you can limit the reading, and 'cross-pollinate' essays.

ps. and i maybe owe mallard an small apology. most of that speech, under closer examination, wasn't too bad. maybe he just needs to be more careful about the potential for bytes to be taken out of it. ie. better staffers. this is what you get when you try to read a speech sitting on 200g of bran cereal and a strong black coffee. impatience.

Friday, July 30, 2004

tea-planters and missionaries

so i read more of mallards speech, its here if you're interested. and yes, the man is a complete buffoon. where in the hell he gets the idea that he's indigenous is beyond me.
trev mate, 'indigenous' means that your ancestors were living somewhere before the colonial people came. not that you grew up in the suburbs. i know it can also mean that you're from a place, but man, you're about as indigenous as pinus radiata.
i'm going to be forced to knock this one up into another publicaddress post, along with some more stupid coments by phillip temple and chris trotter. wankers.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

sweet jesus....

ok, so trevor mallard is an idiot. why inthe hell this fool is the minister for race relations is beyond me. in fact, the label is enough to say it all.
how the hell can we clarify the idea that maori are indigenous because they were here prior to colonial intervention. thats the key point people always seem to forget.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Guest posting

so, i'm fairly proud of myself for getting a regular number of posts on
it all started with an email to an old hero of mine, russell brown. i'd been listening to his hard news on bfm for many years and thought i'd chip in my two cents worth on the foreshore issue in nz. he took it up as a guest post and now i'm publishing with him once a fortnight or so. its a bit of a distraction from the thesis, but a welcome one, i must say.
this weeks post is drawn from my trip to sydney, and you can read it here.
i think what i'm enjoying the most is the ability to have something i do actually recognised and read. the thing about this thesis thingo is that if you actually finish the damn thing there's only a slim chance you'll publish.
so, if you have read anything i've written, and are interested in reading more. let me know.

and, if you're in a position to throw money about, and need to head-hunt a loyal and hard-working employee, i'll send you my cv.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

and, saw this cartoon in the guardian this morning. i particularly like the badge on mr blair.

I saw this picture in the Art Gallery of NSW when i was there. this little version doesn't do it justice.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

a whole nother place

so sydney isn't too bad.

i was feeling that need to escape melbourne after working hard-out for maybe two years on that damn thesis. virginblue has these great deals that got me back here at 8am.... but for $40 who in the hell is complaining.

saw some good art, drank good coffee, made a little pilgrimage to the hospital i was born in.

all good really.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

litany of lies

so, if you're in Australia and you didn't get a chance to watch the docco "the world according to bush" on sbs last night you missed out.
what a bunch of fuckers. not only is bush definitely the born-again everyone suspects he is, but the was convinced, as most of these mid-western fundies are, that supporting israel by taking down places like iraq was permitted by the sept.11 attacks.
you see, no israel, no last days, no last days, no return of the big JC, no big JC, no super-size me heaven. simple.

too simple.

the rest of the docco went on to point out just how much of the information used to justify the war was manufactured to support the US case.
very, very interesting.
i was tutoring at monash when this bruhaha started in 2002, and heard an early report that mossad weren't too worried about iraq. that was the only information i needed. those guys are bad bastards, if they aren't worried, neither was i.
everything after that point was simply spin. everything.

lets see were this new ride bush has put us on finishes then. and history will expose that fool for what he really is.

Lets hear it for these two. So busy watching the ABs they didn't notice the tonnes of earth falling away.

Monday, July 19, 2004

foreign shores

i'm wondering where people go when they leave us. this is bigger than just popping downthe shops for bread and milk milk mind you, but when they're here but gone.
why is it that experiences can set someone so apart from you that its like they've gone forever? why is it they can disappear like that and leave you standing?

Sunday, July 18, 2004

this is me having a rant

Saturday, July 17, 2004


maybe conservatives are seeking to use obligation as a kind of political 'foil' to the strength of maori interests? because they have no answer to cultural interests other than to label them as 'PC', maori obligation coudl be a way for them to limit demands?

and, re: the last post. not anti-muslim. leela's next stop was muslim malaysia and she loved it.

so some stereotypes are true

leela gets back from her world trip yesterday and starts the inevitable telling of stories that goes with huge adventures.
it turns out that the lonely planet guide for morocco is ok, but not ok all at the same time. now, when we we reading it before she went away there was a little bit of a mention that morocca men are 'difficult', but it turns out that they're fucking misogynists. ladies, if you're off to noth africa be prepared to be fondled at will, abused, spat on and treated like a dog.
her scarest story is of being in rabat, being unable to sleep and going for an early morning walk. outside the local clinics were a great many women all lined up for treatment, and covered in bruises. great.
the next (personally) scariest is staying in lonely-planet recommended budget hostels isn't recommended. apparently its normal practice for the owners to hand out room keys to blokes. of course, all western women are sluts, so all you have to do is walk into their room and 'have your way' with them. thank you james bond.

great place. very romantic.

good to have her back safe and sound though.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

i'm still trying to work out what in the hell these conservatives are talking about when they mention maori obligation to the mainstream.

thing is, maori are part of the mainstream, but also maori. so, they have the usual range of obligations as per the normal citizen. but, they also have obligations to their own communities and maori society.

i'm thinking that mentions of maori obligation is some way to try and limit their demands over the mainstream?


it makes it all better

i'm going to have to issue an apology to any vegetarians out there. but, i've realised that the secret to making all food good is chicken. i've tried for years to make curries and things but failed miserably (when you leave home early you soon realise that if you want good food you've either got to hook up with a girlie who cooks better than ya mum, or learn to doit yourself).

but, having recently gone on the dole i've been cooking the cheap way. this involves buying a chicken, roasting it, and then using the meat in soups, laksas and the like. and, to save that extra bit of cash, i make stock out of the carcass.
now, this isn't a 'queer eye' type post. this is a piece of piss. you just stick the bones, an onion and some water in a big pot and simmer it for two hours. simple.
the tricky bit is getting rid of the fat, but you just stick the stock in the fridge after it cools enough and it separates out as it gets cold. easy.

so, back to the laksa. chicken stock makes it good.
here's my favourite receipe, in one person quantities. more people, double, triple... you get the picture.
stick a bit of oil in a pot, heat. add maybe a tablespoon of curry paste, of whatever flavour you like personally, in there a heat it, but don't burn it.
then, add about 400-500ml of chicken stock and half a can of coconut extract. bring to the boil then let simmer.
while its doing that, in another pot you've got your egg noodles of whatever variety cooking. when they're done, put them and your clean, leafy greens in your eating bowl (greens on top).
meanwhile, add the remainder of the stuff to your laksa. i always add maybe half a tablespoon of good fish sauce. like all the other ingredients, buy them from an asian supermarket, not your western ones. Wollies or coles always sell western versions that are shit, or the asian ones for double the price because they're 'ethnic'.
then, add the chicken, fish balls, tofu, capsicums, whatever you like. heat through then add to the noodles, put some of those dried shallot thingies on them, vua-la.

if you're vegetarian, substitute the chicken for veges. but, remember, chicken stock is the worlds best food.