Thursday, July 15, 2004

it makes it all better

i'm going to have to issue an apology to any vegetarians out there. but, i've realised that the secret to making all food good is chicken. i've tried for years to make curries and things but failed miserably (when you leave home early you soon realise that if you want good food you've either got to hook up with a girlie who cooks better than ya mum, or learn to doit yourself).

but, having recently gone on the dole i've been cooking the cheap way. this involves buying a chicken, roasting it, and then using the meat in soups, laksas and the like. and, to save that extra bit of cash, i make stock out of the carcass.
now, this isn't a 'queer eye' type post. this is a piece of piss. you just stick the bones, an onion and some water in a big pot and simmer it for two hours. simple.
the tricky bit is getting rid of the fat, but you just stick the stock in the fridge after it cools enough and it separates out as it gets cold. easy.

so, back to the laksa. chicken stock makes it good.
here's my favourite receipe, in one person quantities. more people, double, triple... you get the picture.
stick a bit of oil in a pot, heat. add maybe a tablespoon of curry paste, of whatever flavour you like personally, in there a heat it, but don't burn it.
then, add about 400-500ml of chicken stock and half a can of coconut extract. bring to the boil then let simmer.
while its doing that, in another pot you've got your egg noodles of whatever variety cooking. when they're done, put them and your clean, leafy greens in your eating bowl (greens on top).
meanwhile, add the remainder of the stuff to your laksa. i always add maybe half a tablespoon of good fish sauce. like all the other ingredients, buy them from an asian supermarket, not your western ones. Wollies or coles always sell western versions that are shit, or the asian ones for double the price because they're 'ethnic'.
then, add the chicken, fish balls, tofu, capsicums, whatever you like. heat through then add to the noodles, put some of those dried shallot thingies on them, vua-la.

if you're vegetarian, substitute the chicken for veges. but, remember, chicken stock is the worlds best food.


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