Saturday, July 17, 2004

so some stereotypes are true

leela gets back from her world trip yesterday and starts the inevitable telling of stories that goes with huge adventures.
it turns out that the lonely planet guide for morocco is ok, but not ok all at the same time. now, when we we reading it before she went away there was a little bit of a mention that morocca men are 'difficult', but it turns out that they're fucking misogynists. ladies, if you're off to noth africa be prepared to be fondled at will, abused, spat on and treated like a dog.
her scarest story is of being in rabat, being unable to sleep and going for an early morning walk. outside the local clinics were a great many women all lined up for treatment, and covered in bruises. great.
the next (personally) scariest is staying in lonely-planet recommended budget hostels isn't recommended. apparently its normal practice for the owners to hand out room keys to blokes. of course, all western women are sluts, so all you have to do is walk into their room and 'have your way' with them. thank you james bond.

great place. very romantic.

good to have her back safe and sound though.


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