Thursday, September 30, 2004

vote this asshole off the island

you've got to admit that peters is a survivor. but you also have to assume that anyone with this degree of bile has to be caught out and removed as a danger to everyone. his latest call to scrap the waitangi tribunal is yet another pauline hanson-style use of ethnicity to wedge the electorate and bolster his redneck vote.
in political science these people are called "ethnic outbidders". another example is speight in fiji. what this means is that they use ethnicity as a bargaining chip and makes outrageous claims that can only be countered with even stronger claims. hence the outbidding. the problem with this type of divisive politics is that it is expressly intended to inflame emotions. emotions that cannot be easily wound down.
once again, the statements he makes are simply ridiculous. sure, some claims to the tribunal are without any real merit and lodged by fools or the just plain greedy. but the tribunal has also delivered some of the most important advances in new zealand society made since 1975.
the problem is that 'luigi' peters has this view of new zealand where people like him don't have to pretend to be different ethnicities to escape detraction from mainstream rednecks. by making everyone mainstream you can avoid this problem.
what he doesn't seem to realise though is that by putting down maori he's effectively making things worse for them. essentially, peters prefers 1957 to 1975. he wants a homogenised, plain country without diversity, and doesn't care if that means maori society and culture fall by the wayside.
look, someone has to get rid of this guy. any suggestions to have him not returned in tauranga next election? i'm from there and would love to hear it. maybe we can rally the troops.


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