Sunday, February 20, 2005

an i say good on them

atsic is giving away most of its assets before its closed down by the coalition.

might be only only perks aboriginal people get during the lifetime of this government.

Friday, February 18, 2005

jet set

i hate to bitch, but why the hell not. i currently have:

no job.

no place to live.

no woman to sponge off.

bugger it, i might as well be in new zealand. it's looking very much like i might be landing in wellington in early april.

top bloke

a saw petrio georgiou stand up in parliament the other day and state that a bunch of people in detention should be given an amnesty.

now, i'm in favour for a number of reasons.

firstly, some of these people have spent more time in jail than your average rapist or killer.

secondly, it just plain costs too much. if you can force single mums out to work and be 'productive' members of society, why the hell not working-age blokes? funding these places is ridiculous.

third, incarceration for no other reason than you've tried to make a better is life is just too hard line. you've got to wonder how much of a threat refugees really offer.

but, the issue also goes to the heart of the power the liberals have in parliament. its looking like they have so much strength they can allow a dissenting voice within the party, which is interesting. maybe there will be leeway for a more compassionate australia?

although i'm probably dreaming.

more realistic is that georigio realises that, as a 'wog', he'll never be in a howard cabinet. so he's doing what was suggested on The Insiders the other week, and going for a little fame like other back-benchers.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

ok, this makes me even more nervous

it's a good thing the US is too broke to start another little war, if their allies are beginning the scare tactics already.

mind you, i'd trust mossad intelligence over the cia any dayof the week. it was mossad who in 2002 said the iraq was no threat, for example.

up to old tricks

much like the treatment anyone else who crosses the Coalition gets, it seems Habib is now getting the royal 'discrediting'.

as i may have said, although he seems to have something hiding, its good to see the tactics used to ensure that nothing, and i mean nothing, that may embarrass the Government will stick.

it was interesting for example to see dave hughes, comedian make the best comment on habibs trip to pakistan. i.e. "he was caught on a pakistani bus, how much do you think that cost?". regardless of the obvious flaws in their accusations, the Coalition seems determined to smother this one at all cost.

which mostly makes me suspicious of them.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

i am crapping my daks....

i heard a reliable rumour today that will kymlicka himself may be the external supervisor for my thesis.....

am have butterflies. and no think straight...

you can run

sorry, jackson, it's all a matter of time before they finally nail you on these types of charges.

no one takes such a personal interest in kids unless they have an agenda.

people i know have been in exactly the same types of situations as described by jackson's victims. why should wacko get away with it just because he can afford expensive lawyers?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

change of tune

i spoke to the current resident of the house i want to move to, and it sounds like the place is even going to get a spruce-up when and if i move there.

and besides, if i move out, a mate and her partner/baby are currently living in a shit hole. if i can't take the place, they sure as hell could use the space.

Monday, February 14, 2005

am i a bastard

i've been thinking seriously about moving out of my current flatting situation and into a place by myself. trouble is, the place i was going to move to still has people in it, people who may not be able to move out.

consequently, i'm thinking of telling to person who's living in the place i'm in now, and who annoys the shit out of me, to piss off (i have the lease).

difficult one. nobody wants to be that kind of asshole, but i was only thinking of moving because they were so bad to live with.

tricky one. we'll see.

Sunday, February 13, 2005


it's weird how the gossip columnists will usually link a great mind to the people they shag.

here the age states that Miller will be remembered more for his marriage than his 'other' minor accomplisment, being one of the the US' greatest playwrights.

ah well, at least he got his end away real good.

Friday, February 11, 2005

this is past ridiculous

the detention system in this country is a national disgrace.

six and a half years this bloke is locked up. longer than many criminals can serve for crimes like murder, and all for wanting to run away from bad people.

i've said it once and i'll say it again. the heartless bastards who think this sort of treatment of other people deserve to rot in hell.

Monday, February 07, 2005

how to win friends etc

so now rice is lecturing the other potential superpower (if it ever gets its shit together, but in reality china will overtake it) about how they aren't democratic enough. but hey, in my books, nukes=power.

good one.

really winning friends their condy, you patronising asshole.

flying into a lather

interesting news this.

as the basis for a constitution, the Qu'ran is little different to the Bible. basically it's a system of moral opinions and values that guide a bunch of people.

but isn't there a distinct chance that the religious right will freak out that a non-secular basis will be used for an arab constitutional system?

and wouldn't that be hypocritical considering that the US constitution is essentially straight out of the 10 commandments?

PS. had a thought, actually the US constitution is based on C18th rational humanism. but seems to have been hijacked in the past few decades.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

lets give them some air

although the iraqi election passed without the end of the world, i'm suspicious that its merelythe calm before the storm. i saw an interesting talk on SBS yesterday that suggested that things will get really ugly now that the lid has been lifted on generations of grudge.

if anything, the implementation of democracy without a viable civil society has been nothing but trouble for numerous newly formed countries.

i say confederate the fuckers as soon as possible. a weak central government and strong regional ones, with the option to gradually assign more power to the centre as the nation becomes more 'national'