Wednesday, March 30, 2005

smart blokes.

so these 59 diplomats reject michael bolton as ambassador to the UN.

good idea, there must be something more than the name that makes men 'cocks'.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


this article is very interesting, it suggests that people tend to reproduce the media opinions they hear from 'experts'. this is something i've been suspicious of for awhile now, and am fairly certain is addressed somewhere in academe.

as i may have pointed out, the situation in our hi-info democracies is often too much for tha average punter. consequently, i suspect, they end up being overwhelmed with the sheer weight of the facts/opinions they have to digest, and simply defer their thinking to 'experts' (self-appointed or kosher).

what this makes me think is that in this regard there is really very little difference between dictatorship and democracy, because when you boil it all it still amounts to individuals having to trust their leaders.
the only major difference being that if you don't like the leaders you have available, in a democracy you can replace them.

unless of course their manipulation of information is such that you continue to trust them despite them lying to you.

ay australia?

wow...great weekend

so this past weekend i got to dive the wreck of the eliza ramsden, scuba with seals, see port jackson sharks sleeping in a seagrass prairie, take a huuuge number of scallops (a dozen of which i barbequed for lunch yesterday), etc etc.

diving, what a blast.

pity the sorrento yha is infested with bed bugs. other than that, a great weekend.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

that seals it

yup , have gone and booked the ticket. tempermental is offically moving to wellington as of the 1st april.

will be flying into auckland and catching up with relatives before heading to the bay of plenty to see more, then off to wellington.

what this means for my sanity i do not know. all i want is an apartment with a northern aspect, and the chance to put my several hundred dollars worth of new dive gear to good use catching seafood.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

that helpless woman drama

it seems everyone is on this particular bandwagon, so what the hey.

the tricky thing about this case, imho, isn't the issue of right to life, but your take on the morality of sustaining life when the person is unable to help themselves.

let's establish immediately that i think there is a right to life. everyone deserves a chance to make a go of it, and i'm opposed to things like the death penalty.

ok, so the question here move to whether you want to sustain the life of a person who is unable to care for themselves?

maria can't take care of herself, that is obvious. so, because we think that a person has the right to life, she has to be sustained. now, the parents want to maintain her life, and the husband wants her to be able to 'pass away'. obviously, maria has no choice in the matter, except for what appears to be her wishes conveyed to her husband (i'm scant on detail in that regard).

what seems to complicate this debate is the ability to sustain life at all. 'back in the day' we wouldn't have been having this argument. it would have been; person, damaged, can't eat (i.e. can't swallow), dies.

so regardless of whether you fall on either the parents or the husbands side, the fact that we can sustain the life of a person who will never make another contribution to society is a very, very difficult moral issue.

now, before you go freaking out on me for being cold, one of my cousins is in this exact state, having been struck by a car many years ago. i think it's because we can maintain these types of people that compassion is required. and personally, while i realise that it must be incredibly difficult for the husband, i would think that maybe he should surrender his wife to her parents, no one sane would blame him for walking away after fifteen years of fighting.

prodigal son

i would have liked to have written, return of the prodigy son, but that band always kind of gave me the shits. good tunes, but that dancer whiteboy was a bit of a wanker.

anyhow, it's looking more and more like i'll be gracing the fair shores of new zealand again in the near future. what in the hell that means for club politique i do not know, only that if the mysterious, elusive and high-paying job ever turns up i'll be having to recraft the column into something a little more tame.

maybe i can do vastly more oblique parodies of the people in my new neighbourhood.... in fact, that may not be such a bad idea. i'll call it 'cadaver street'. many wellingtonians are pasty enough to be considered undead, after all.

but seriously, with any kind of luck i can do a job with low political impact, and try my hand at a little journalism on the side.

we shall see.

and thanks to critics of the latest post over at PA. i'll be responding later this week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

this couldn't happen to a nicer bloke.

so it turns out that the paternity drama abbott involved himself in was a furphy.

abbott is a sanctimonious asshole. you couldn't ask for better egg to be thrown in someones face.

imho, that's what you get for politicising a debate like paternity at all.

Saturday, March 19, 2005

time for some new material?

it seems that even opinion makers at the herald are reading public address these days.

Friday, March 18, 2005

waddling into fame

i have a serious question.

why in the hell do news channels always insist on making interviewees walk towards or past the camera before an interview.

it's kind of like being able to stand, and walk unselfconsciously, is a prerequiste for being a credible floating head.

mind you, some of the funny walks you see people doing do reek 'weirdo' or 'anal retentive', but it's a worry all the same.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

well, the dream is over

ATSIC was voted out of existence last night.

the exploitation of Clarke's bad behaviour to abolish ATSIC, the latter another of Hansons policies, is a national disgrace.

without means to develop aboriginal leadership, the group will continue to languish in a mire of racism and poverty.

i know this is the same old tune, played over and over again, but this is because mainstream bigotry and aboriginal marginalisation are very, very real.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

not up to par

apparently, i'm not writing enough about politics these days.

a friend complained yesterday that i'm not addressing enough 'real' stuff, and instead talking about my holidays. well, the go is that i've been out of the loop for a fair while now, and i'm trying to do a little travel writing to make up for it.

but i promise to start looking into this UN thingy and have a little think about it.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

i agree

keith is 100% right on this call. michael bolton is not only clumsy, he's an asshole.

i saw an interview by john pilger with the guy, and taking into account that pilger isn't the most objective of journalists, bolton still came out looking like a dickhead.

he was quick to ask pilger if he was 'a communist' for example. the interview was in 2000(?) when 'da commies' were no longer a threat of any kind.

goes to show the guys backward, and right mentality though.

i'm a little scuba crazed

i discouvered today that i can fly to newcastle and back for less than $200.

this is very very tempting. there's an outside chance that i could get in two days diving, then head back to melbourne for four days over easter.

i think i'm becoming a little obsessed....

Monday, March 14, 2005

weird little coincidences

so i'd like to think that my bitching about the weather in melbourne has produced the first decent batch of sunshine since summer. four days in a row of 30+ sunshine and no change till tomorrow!

pity the flu has kept me away from the ocean, so when i do finally get into the water it'll be cloudy with piss-weak visibility.

yay. ah well, at least i scored a customised dive suit for a miserly $475. i even got to choose the colour of the stitching!! time will tell about the workmanship, and i might get some fancy decals put on it to hide my love handles and flabby gut, but hey. i feeeeel sexy dammit, and that counts.

i also got good deals on flippers and booties. will find myself some gloves and i'm all set to swim with seals in nzl when the time comes. I'm thinking that wellington being the place i'm going to end up, i'll have little choice but to do some adventure sport to preoccupy myself at the weekends.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


so after a long time away i'm wondering how the heck you all are.

things here good, i'm still without house, not paying enough time/attention to politics etc.

but, have an issue. anyone know what to do if you want to be able to download your mac formatted ipod to a pc?