Monday, May 30, 2005


warehouse stationery is selling these great bookshelves for $150, they're called 12-hole cubbies and they are the best deal i've ever seen.

if you've a book collection that won't quit, get down there and buy one. sure, they're veneer, but hey, BIG bookshelf.

here's hoping

the best thing that could happen to australia's xenophobic immigration policy is for this bipartisan plan to get off the ground.

i'm guessing that if it does, howard is likely to be forced to soften his line somewhat regarding immigration. which would be good for everyone.

and let's see vandstone get the sack or retire...

Sunday, May 29, 2005

makes you wonder.

will australia kick up the same kind of fuss when those other blokes are sentenced?

would they be doing so now if schapelle was a 6'5" ex hells angel covered in tatts?

Thursday, May 26, 2005

financial genius anyone?

it just goes to show why you can't let pollies have too much control over finanical matters. they should be the hand on the tiller, not the wind in the sails.

national is strangely advocating to prevent kiwis saving, instead focussing on cutting government revenue, and increasing the countr's debt through external borrowing.

now, i'm no economist, but won't this increase consumption? i guess the assumption is that concsumption fuels our economy, but by increasing debt? wouldn't it be better to increase savings, which can be used for investment in things like infrastructure?

less flashy tvs, and more/cheaper transport. people can increase their 'real' wages through having to spend less on essential services like power/gas/water?

yet another surprise.

the australian detention system, so harshly imposed on people trying to flee places like iraq and afghanistan (good thing we went over there and opened an old-fashioned tin of whip-ass to put a stop to them wanting to live with US!), now seems to be yielding large numbers of australian citizens, all forcibly incarcerated.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

here's a question...

why in the hell should city taxpayers subsidise fools who try to grow western european crops in a freaking desert?

i mean, there's parts of semi-arid australia where they divert water to irrigate RICE for christs sake.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

sorry, THIS is the final word for the day

slightly dodgy comment from me

and finally, in that confirmation that school teachers are the ones who never left high school, yet another teacher marries a former student.

they must have been, like, hanging out at recess and that?

ah the hypocrisy

the Bush camp accuses the Sun of breaching the Geneva Convention by publishing pictures of Saddam in his undies.

the best quote is the under-reaction in Baghdad, "Who wants to look at photos of old men in their underwear?"

americans and britons, apparently.

pesky damn french

so, french 'military documents' reveal that they knew that their testing was exposing islanders to radiation.


chalk that one up to another incident of stupidity.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

and this is the product of the war on terror

while an australian academic is advocating the use of torture, more and more circumstantial evidence comes to light of american soldiers misbehaving.

this war on terror will characterise our generation, and be a permanent stain on the globalised civilisation we're trying to create.

selfish bastards

well, the books were right after all. these guys are going to try and bankrupt us gen-xers by living it up in retirement, after having lived the high life off taxes for their lifetimes.

what was that american book? 'the selfish generation'?

better start hiding your nest-eggs now boys and girls, because the boomers will be trying to find ways to use it to maintain the good life while we toil under the weight of the debt they straddled us with.

let alone the environmental problems, underfunding of infrastructure, etc etc.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


here, and law professor at deakin university, melbourne's equivalent of unitec, has tried to seriously argue that torture is legitimate, under particular circumstances.

what kind of moral equivalency is that??!! in relation to a Government that has routinely lied to the public, the Howard Coalition, or a regime that has demonstrated willingness to cook the media to invade a place, how likely is it that they will torture innocent people, only to subsequently say, 'oops. we got it wrong, so sorry'.

this is a permanent stain on the reputation of deakin, and should sully ANY journal that publishes it.


well, i exceeded my woosh download limit, and the speed isn't all that much faster than before.

so maybe i need either the booster, or mayeb i can be happy paying a mere 19.95 a month for service that doesn't tie up the phone lines.

hmmm. patience versus convenience, a quandary.

Monday, May 16, 2005

....... even more scarey

this might be the scariest idea ever.

peters is a goddamn demagogue, he cannot be allowed to be PM in anyone's lifetime.


seriously. vote anyone, national, act, anyone, just lets not have that nutbar with his hands on the wheel, if not only because nothing will be done in government for years.

Friday, May 13, 2005


well, as of monday i'll finally be gainfully eployed, even if it's only working as a temp for the police (doing some photocopying or summin').

have i mentioned that the one thing i really love about wellington is the way that jist about everyone has a view fromtheir homes? my room has this great vista from over to the harbour, all the way to newtown, it's not too bad at all.

very, very relaxing.

so relaxing in fact that i'm not doing the writing i'm supposed to do.

ah well.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005


sometimes i think that delegating the responsibility for budgets to pollies is just plain crazy.

sure, you can have them make the kinds of positive decisions that an army of accountants wouldn't, but more often than not they're just lining the pockets of potential voters.

now, i know that it's trite to argue that this isn't a great situation, but the current fashion of granting tax-cuts in an atmosphere of growing spend on the baby-boomers is just crazy. the younger baby-boomers miss out on paying their share, but when they retire the fuckers are going to want ME and people my age to fund them.

it's not on i tell you.... i might have to write an angry letter to the editor somewhere.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

upping the ante

a great little article from the melbourne age that actually supports new zealands defence policy.

very interesting.

nuclear? no way

pretty much everyone is going to pick up on the story, but this is why nuclear power is a 'bad thing'.

sure, with decent safety standards accidents will either be minimal, or won't happen in heavily populated areas. but you can't guarantee that.

on the other hand, a little radiation only wipes out large mammals, like people, so the world itself will live on past our ignorance, unlike CO2 pollution.

Monday, May 09, 2005


and here we had american conservatives wathcing south park, because it sticks it to hippies.

the wonders never cease

so why wouldn't this surprise me

the herald's latests story this morning has one of winnie's victims being an alleged whistleblower.

but, hey, they're all just sand-nigger's, right winnie? the only good a-rab is a dead a-rab?

of course, if these claims are substantiated, it would be a good knock to winstons crusade.

Sunday, May 08, 2005


i think i'm much more surprised that the Sunday Telegraph, that rag, is surprised at the presence of cocaine and methamphetamine at the Australian logies.

i mean, get a bunch of artists, musicians and actors together and they do what, drink tea?

Saturday, May 07, 2005

drama averted

well, there was a bit of concern here at the fortress yesterday, the pc was unpacked and almost set up, when it wouldn't go.

the only thing that i really, really need, and its pukaru.

was talking to keith from PA though, and he reckoned it was probably the CPU fan playing havoc, so i disconnected it, reinstalled it and the CPU itself, and vua-la!!

am writing to you from my new room in casa del Te Aro.

Friday, May 06, 2005


ok, it's my fault, i should have read the reveiews etc before i actually set up the account....

but this woosh stuff runs like treacle.

the main reason i went for the company was in case i had to move again this year (which is a little likely) and had to pay new connection fees etc somewhere else.

we shall see. hopefully the booster cable will make a difference. and by mid-year i should be able to afford more than 200meg of data before i drop back to dial-up speed.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

made a few small changes.

had to add my Unitarian name, following RB's lead. also deleted a few links i don;t have time to read anymore. i'll have to update that stuff once i get settled into a new premises (next week)

good article.

great article yesterday by the road to surfdom.

indicates the extent to which the US engineered the need to go to war with Iraq.

peters debacle

well, scoop is reportingthat the 'minister' in question is most likely to have been in saddam's cabinet while iraq was a steadfast ally of the good old USA.

interesting. while it doesn't make the bloke a 'nice guy', there's every chance winston has gotten his five minutes in the sun at the expense of a person who didn;t take part in the more tyrannical aspects of saddams regime.

just goes to show, victors write the history.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

this peters palava

i get the feeling that todays startling revelations about 'an asylum seeker' will be little more defamation under parliamentary privilege. although there's every chance that the touted information may actually be information, it's winnie we're dealing with here.

it has all the stink of an election year stunt. and, his constituents being what they are, the shit will likely stick.


Monday, May 02, 2005

native title

it's hardly surprising that aboriginal people in victoria have gotten little benefit out of the native title act.

the act was devised to accomodate demands from remote aboriginal clans after all, especially those who still have an abiding relationship with the land.

much like the foreshore/seabead act, it's designed to make sure that vested settler interests are disturbed by surprising native title claims.

and considering that 99.9% of the aboriginal population was incarcerated in missions by the 1890s, there's little chance any of these people can make claims over victorian land.

be interesting to do a comparision between the aussie and nzl acts.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


a great article by paul buchanan here in scoop.


not a bad gig friday, although a few of the guys thought the sound was crappy. i myself was a little bit pissed (only a little mind you), and so thought everything was honky-dory.

as for hdu. never seen these play before, but seem to remember a bit of a hubbub a few years back. i noticed that they were probably playing exactly the same sounds they played in 98, and never really moved on.

they need to break up and reform somewhere else...

main thing was, the singers voice didn't really cut through the great guitar playing? so the entertainment value was down to the wall of noise, which was "so like, 1995".