Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Meme time.

Wow. tagged for a meme. my first! thanks to jarrod for actually reading this blog (on occasion).

to be honest, this fucker is about to be retired, but hey...

Apparently this is the source.

If i could be a dictator, i'd be the boss-guy from the film Brazil, that guy could talk a mile a minute.

If i could be a professor, i'd profess to not actually knowing what the hell i'm talking about half the time, and making shit up the other half.

If i could be a writer, i wouldn't have to pretend to be one and actually be a mediocre blogger.

If i could be a linguist, i'd learn to be twice as cunning.

If i could be a doctor, fuck me! I am! (almost...).

If i could be a midget stripper, i'd use a good thinner to make sure they we're burnt by the chemicals.

So, i think i'll tag ms. pooka, and No Reduction, for similar reasons to Jarrod.


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